Network Security

The organisation’s private network infrastructure will be secured by our consultants in order to prevent the infiltration by the hackers

End-Point Security

Endpoint’s needs to be tested for security and compliance. Endpoint auditing is achieved by testing in the following areas: Patch Review, Device Setup Compliance, Antivirus Review and Encryption Review

E-mail Security

TISEC email security solution will help the organisation to protect their email server against real-time threats protecting them from Trojans, spams etc

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment helps the organisation to know it’s weakness. Vulnerabilities found in the network and its mitigations are reported

Digital Forensics as a Service

TISEC offers Digital Forensics as a service (DFaaS). In DFaaS, we offer a new strategy in solving cybercrime using encase and FTK imager to perform an autopsy whilst helping organisations to solve cases

Phishing Simulation

Phishing emails contain attachments which have malware, spyware etc, stealing the sensitive information. Phishing Simulation will train the employees to guard themselves against the social engineering attacks

Mobile Security

TISEC Titanium SIEM has the capability to monitor mobile logs. TISEC also provides mobile security testing hence reducing the risk of data leakage and malicious activities

Incident Response

If an organisation suffered a cyber attack or it is probable that it will witness a cyber attack, our Incident Response team will prepare and guide you what measures and protocols need to be followed

Cyber Security Courses

Soon, TISEC will be launching it’s cybersecurity certificate courses to create awareness among the students and employees


We Serve a Variety of Businesses & Industries

With the introduction of Titanium SIEM and Phoenix Cyber Range, TISEC has grown its presence in almost all domains and diversifying in each and every sector













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