Endpoint Security

TISEC focus on the organisation integrity to secure their end points

Our Endpoint Services & Solutions

TISEC started with Titanium SIEM and Phoenix Cyber Range. TISEC expanded it’s arm and introduced it’s Remote online Proctoring to help the schools and universities amid the Covid-19 situation.

Titanium SIEM

Titanium SIEM was developed with the focus to detect the threat at an earlier stage, hence, allowing an organisation to do all the preliminary checks to secure endpoints and respond better if any attack happens. Titanium SIEM is tailored according to specific industry eliminating the redundant logs and monitors endpoints 365 days * 24 hours.

Phoenix Cyber Range

TISEC introduced a new concept of Phoenix Cyber Range. Organisations don’t need to speed thousands of pounds to buy cyber range. TISEC runs a program where “How to build your Cyber Range” is taught. Phoenix Cyber Range can be made at home, college or in organisations aiding to analyse and simulate real-world threats.

Remote Online Proctoring

During the Pandemic Covid-19, TISEC expanded it’s the horizon and developed it’s own online remote proctoring tool. School or Universities or any institution can use TISEC Proctoring tool to conduct exams. Our unique approach eliminates the probability of cheating in the examination among the students.


Titanium SIEM helps an organisation to monitor their endpoints activities, notifying them of any suspicious activities realtime. Titanium SIEM induces the concept of purple teaming with the integration of Mitre Att&ck threat intelligence framework.

Phoenix Cyber Range consists of thousands of simulations, creating awareness among the organisation how the attacker can try to hack into the organisation. With the help of these simulations, the weak structure of an organisation can be strengthened.

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