About Us

TISEC based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom was founded by the alumnus of the Queen’s University Belfast with the mission to provide all diverse cyber security solutions under one roof.

TISEC stands for Threat Intelligence Security. We use TISEC acronym interchangeably with Technology | Innovation | Security as our vision is to provide innovative solution in cyber security with threat intelligence.

Raj Agarwal

Raj Agarwal


Finding Vulnerabilites

We do Vulnerability Assessment to find the weaknees in an organisation and provides detailed reports & how to mitigate them

Incident Response

If an organisation suffer a cyber attack, our Incident Response team will prepare and guide you what measures and protocols need to be followed

Network Infrastrucutre

We build and structure the organisation’s network infrastructure in a manner that there is less lead time

Security & Threat Intelligence

Based on the sector of the organisation, we identify the significant cyber threats and deep dive to monitor all those activites which ma lead to a hack


Our Approach to Security & Prevention

TISEC follows NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) cybersecurity framework. It’s important for all organisations to guard themselves from the potentially harmful impact of a cyber attack. Having a firm cybersecurity strategy in place not only helps protect your organisation, but also helps keep your business running in the event of a successful cyber attack.

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework provides TISEC the following:

  • A common ground for cybersecurity risk management
  • A list of cybersecurity activities that can be customized to meet the needs of any organization
  • A complementary guideline for an organization’s existing cybersecurity program and risk management strategy
  • A risk-based approach to identifying cybersecurity vulnerabilities
  • A systematic way to prioritize and communicate cost-effective improvement activities among stakeholders
  • A frame of reference on how an organization views managing cybersecurity risk management

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