A New Era of Cyber Security

We are a new era cybersecurity organisation focusing on the protection of the cyberspace, inducing and integrating the concept of Threat Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Our vision is to make the digital world more secure.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment is offered to identify threats and vulnerabilities of the network and the server, thereby generating the vulnerability assessment report

Incident Response

If an organisation suffered a cyber attack or it is probable that it will witness a cyber attack, our Incident Response team will prepare and guide you what measures and protocols need to be followed

Web Application Penetration Testing

We detect vulnerabilities and try to exploit them by penetration testing techniques aiming to break the application on the basis of OWASP top 10


What We Offer

TISEC offers a range of security services not limited to Vulnerability Assessment, Incident Response, Phishing Simulation, Web Application Penetration Testing etc. Our solutions include Titanium SIEM, Phoenix Cyber Range, and TISEC online remote proctoring solution. Our security services and solutions are dynamic and are customised catering the client needs.

Security Consultation

Our consultants are well versed with the dynamics of security and know where the possible security breach can occur

Security Services

TISEC security services help an organisation to identify it’s weak points and update their security strategy to tackle an incident in a proficient manner

Security Solutions

With Titanium SIEM and Phoenix Cyber Range, probability of organisations being hacked are minimised


Our Approach to Cyber Security

TISEC follows the Japanese concept “Kaizen” 改善. Kaizen means continuously improving the functions from higher management to lower management.

We, at TISEC, are following this principle of continuous improvement of the security solutions to map out all the perspective to secure the endpoints and increase the work proficiency and productivity.

Kakushin 革新

Innovation is one of the core principles of TISEC, with which TISEC cannot thrive. TISEC motivates to innovate in order to provide better security solutions and services

Kanban 看板

TISEC uses the Japanese principle Kanban in its security products. The goal is to identify potential issues and resolve them so work can flow through at an optimal speed

Get Started

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